Jeffrey James Shares New Single ‘We Can Be Heroes’

Photo Credit: Chance Edwards

Singer-songwriter Jeffrey James, has just released his brand-new single titled “We Can Be Heroes.” This stunning track is now available to stream via Spotify!

“We Can Be Heroes” is a beautiful ballad that showcases Jeffrey’s incredible vocals and lyricism. He originally teased the number while appearing on NBC’s Songland last year. Whilst he was on the show, he was paired with producer and songwriter Ryan Tedder. With the help go Ryan, the pair were successfully able to create a powerful ballad that is likely going to touch the hearts of many.

When talking about the track, Jeffrey James explains;

“‘We Can Be Heroes’ is about stepping up when times look dark. It’s about helping those in need and not waiting for someone else to step in as the hero. We all have it in ourselves to take responsibility for our future and look out for each other.”

Based in Nashville, the singer likes to experiment and isn’t afraid to take his music into a variety of different directions. He pairs his rich vocals with a unique R&B style, whilst also demonstrating hard-hitting lyrics that forces the listener to sit and appreciate one word at a time. Last year, he worked extremely hard in order to create his sophomore EP “East London.” To force him out of his comfort zone for this project, he went and searched for a month to find collaborators that were likely to challenge his usual artists style. It’s an experiment that was worth while as the EP came out to be a big success.

Jeffrey’s music has been used for ads for big brands including Xbox Game Pass and Ford. His music has also featured on a variety of TV shows and films such as All-American, Jack Ryan, iZombie, Criminal Minds, Good Trouble and Shameless, among others. With now millions of streams across his repertoire, and getting noticed by many of the big media outlets, there is no stopping him from becoming a huge success.

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