Georgia Nevada Releases ‘Sin on a Shoestring’

Popular County singing songstress Georgia Nevada has released new track ‘Sin on a Shoestring’. It is now available to listen to on Spotify!

Earlier this year, Georgia launched herself onto the UK Country Music Scene and earned herself two number one singles. Combining powerful lyrics, classic undertones and an authentic edge, there really is no stopping this chart topping songstress.

The track takes inspiration from personal experiences and an observed standpoint on relationships. With raw emotion nd cutting edge country tock instrumentation, she documents the harsh realities of love lessons as well as a humbling fresh perspective in the new release.

‘Sin on a Shoestring’ uncovers the phenomenal vocal abilities of Georgia Nevada. From the beginning there’s a rock-country edgy vibe, showcasing the signature sound of the singer. Her experiences really shine through her hard hitting lyrics. The song tackles emotional disbelief of potential infidelity, and the break down of a relationship.

Georgia is incredibly grateful for her ever-growing fanbase, and shows her admiration through connecting regularly via monthly livestream series named ‘Moonshine Mondays’. Generously, she supports a different charity every session. This approach has gained a lot of attention to her humbling personality and warm actions. This is a personal approach and is something that isn’t often seen from musicians and artists.

Fans and listeners look forward to the future for Georgia Nevada. She has really excelled since her debut, only motivating her more. The future is looking really bright for her. If ‘Sins on a Shoestring’ is anything to go by, you’re in for a treat with future music in the pipeline.

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