VEPS Address Social Issues With ‘Girl On TV

Photo taken by Jenny F. Lunde

VEPS have released their new stunning track ‘Girl On TV’. The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

Following the success of single ‘Ecstasy’ earlier this year, the band have thrilled fans with the new track, ahead of their EP coming in June, titled ‘Open The Door’ on Kanine Records.

Originally from Oslo, Norway, the band have known each other since elementary school. With each of them following their passion for music, they started to play music together at the age of 14 and established their own sound early on. Laura, Helena and June were already comfortable with their instruments, however drummer Maja set herself the task of learning the drums from scratch.

Known for their take on the ever growing social pressures of today’s society, this track shows a vulnerability within its lyrics and delivery. With vocals from band members Laura and Helena, ‘Girl On TV’ reaches a new level of empowerment in the most beautiful way possible.

When discussing the track, VEPS said:

“Ultimately it’s a song about loneliness and idealisation. It’s about how lonely it can feel to grow up in an emotionally distant household, and how it’s so easy to compare your own life to others when you’re in a bad place yourself.”

As well as their music, VEPS also master the art of music videos. Improvising through lockdown, the band succeeded in shooting a music video to support the track. Fans are thrilled to see the combination of the vulnerable lyrics mixed with a fun visual. The video is now available to watch via YouTube below;

The track-list for the girls’ upcoming EP ‘Open The Door’ can be found below. To be kept in the loop with new information and future releases, you can follow VEPS on Facebook and Instagram.

1. Girl On TV

2. Do I Hear A Maybe? 

3. Ecstasy

4. Oliver

5. Funny Things

6. Colorblind

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