REVIEW – Songs from the Kitchen Disco: Sophie Ellis Bextor Greatest Hits

Towards the end of 2020, Sophie Ellis-Bextor released a greatest hits album titled “Songs from the Kitchen Disco: Sophie Ellis Bextor Greatest Hits.” She was also recently revealed as the first singer to become unmasked in this series of The Masked Singer. You can now stream the album on Spotify!

‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ is probably Sophies’ most popular tune. The catchy backing track along with the story telling lyrics makes this one for the repeat button. It comes complete with a great music video too, showing the singer in a dance competition and eliminating other contestants with whatever she can get her hands on!

‘Mixed up World’ will bring you back to earth with its’ heartfelt lyrics. Sometimes, especially the way the world is at the moment, it can be overwhelming to have your own thoughts. This tune helps you stay humble, and realise it’s a mixed up world after all.

‘Take Me Home (a Girl Like Me)’ is also a popular one from the songstress. With a range of vocals, Sophie is able to really display her ability from low to high. It’s also a huge confidence boost, so give it a go when you’re feeling down!

‘Crying at the Discotheque’ brings us to the later releases from Sophie Ellis Bextor. Released in 2020 as a single, she’s able to display her typical sound and distinctive voice with this upbeat track. We’ll be humming this for weeks!

‘My Favourite Things’ isn’t something we realised we needed until now… Sophie Ellis Bextor covering the classic song from The Sound of Music? Yes please! An absolute vintage oldie, that suits her voice perfectly. 10/10!

Above all, it’s great to see that Sophie is still making music and owning her own style. Be sure to give her a follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

So, do you have a favourite from ‘Songs from the Kitchen Disco: Sophie Ellis Bextors’ Greatest Hits’? Let us know over on our Twitter! – @AboutThe_Noise