Dark Tropics Release ‘Moroccan Sun’ and Music Video

Back in September, Belfast duo Dark Tropics dropped their most recent single “Moroccan Sun” – which is now available to stream on Spotify! Not only that, but they also released a summery video alongside the release. You can view the video below:

“Moroccan Sun” shows us a fresh, new, and unique pop sound unlike any other. It has that vibrant feel and summer vibe that will leave you craving for a sunny holiday. The video will get you in this mood even more as it is set on a beautiful beach…and we’re not jealous at all.

The song is all about dancing away forgotten memories of a passionate romance. Whilst it’s a track about heartache, it doesn’t feel that way. It won’t make you sad. It won’t make you want to miss your ex. It will make you feel happy and on cloud 9.

When speaking of “Moroccan Sun,” front woman Rio says;

“Moroccan sun was written as a narrative for my first travelling experience fully on my own. “It’s letting go of what you believed to be your comfort, your light in life. Understanding that you will always have some constants, but things will change and mould around you, and embracing this brings a new sense of happiness. Taking the step to leave the old behind, move forward into the new and embracing a new chapter.”

The track is so smooth and refreshing it’s almost addicting. We’re looking forward to see what else Dark Tropics has in store for us. Make sure you’re following the duo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for future updates.

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