REVIEW: Johnny Ashby Releases New EP ‘In Bloom’

Johnny Ashby has blossomed into his career with new EP, ‘In Bloom’. You can now listen to it on Spotify!

Going back to his teen years, Johnny played guitar in multiple bands growing up. After leaving college he packed up and made the leap across the pond from Britain to California, to persue a career in music.

The new EP ‘In Bloom’, starts with ‘Never Let You Go’. The raspy vocals are apparent from the beginning, and really sets the scene for the whole record. Next up is the track that the collection is named after, ‘In Bloom’. With a more subtle and relaxed vibe, the song is about starting over and prioritising what’s right in a relationship. It’s also a great track to reminisce to.

Third up, we have ‘SOS’. A bit more upbeat this time, we especially love the ongoing backing vocals. They compliment the track perfectly. Next, we hear ‘Born Again’. You’ll certainly feel a sense of rebirth with this track, forgetting about mistakes in the past and focusing on the future. Finally, we have ‘Found You’, which rounds up the EP perfectly. All of the ‘In Bloom’ EP is a complete journey from start to finish, and tells a story of growth and learning.

When talking about the EP, Johnny expressed:

“Without this lockdown I don’t think these songs would have happened. I needed this time to stop, sit down and figure it all out. It’s been a valuable lesson and I hope that if there’s anyone that feels at a loss, like I did before pre lockdown, I hope my music speaks to them and inspires a leap of faith.”

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