INTERVIEWMARKX Talks About New Single ‘Bonfire’

Incredible singer – who goes by the name of Markx – has just released his most recent single “Bonfire.” The track is now available to stream on all social media platforms here.

“Bonfire” showcases Markx’s insane vocals. When you’re hearing for the first time, you will wish you already knew all the words to the song just so you can sing along. Looks like you’ll have to listen to it on repeat until you do! Lucky Markx has also dropped a lyric alongside the release to make that easier for you.

We wanted to know more about “Bonfire” so got in touch with Markx to have a little chat! Here is what he had to say;

Your new single “Bonfire” is set for release on the 18th September. Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about it? How did it come about?

I co-wrote ‘Bonfire’ a couple of years ago along with the lovely Beth Keeping! I was reflecting on a break up and the song was originally going to be called ‘Black Gold’ – we had a metaphorical idea about making something beautiful by burning it.  We started by talking about sentimental things – like cinema tickets and restaurant receipts we keep hold of as memories.  I was saying how I needed to have a purge and get rid of things – what was beautiful about it was how simple it was just say you were going to light a bonfire. The song came together remarkably quickly in the end and we ended up finishing the lyrics in the car on the way to see our friend Lauren Ray supporting Rebecca Ferguson in Bexhill!

It will feature on your upcoming EP “Spirit” which will be released on the 11th December. Exciting stuff! What can we expect from the new EP?

The new EP has some never heard before songs. This time around I’ve decided not to overly produce the songs, to go for a much more stripped back and organic sound. I see the EP as a bridge from my previous album ‘Laments’ into my upcoming project in 2021. There are some very sentimental songs to follow the first two singles – I’ve worked with some brand new writers and a new producer this time around so I’m very excited to see how these are received!

It was undertaken during the UK lockdown. How were you able to keep motivated during that time?

Well, I think I have to be very honest and say it has been a struggle the last couple of months mentally and emotionally. The effects of Covid-19 on live music have been devastating not just for me but anyone in the entertainment industry. I think one of the reasons I’ve managed to stay motivated during this time is that I’ve made such good use of the time I’ve had available – I’ve been studying marketing and learning a new instrument and have been getting into fitness with daily running and yoga. I’ve always had a drive to do something interesting and meaningful with my life so probably it just stems down to my stubbornness to accept my circumstances!

Saying that, you host your own VLOG series on YouTube “M-Talk” where you discuss mental health and try to motivate and empower others. You actually did a video on “How to Stay Sane During a Pandemic” which we thought was pretty cool. What else can you tell us about this series you have going on? What other topics do you want to discuss on your platform?

I’m going to do something next on goal setting and focus. I’ve noticed myself that I sometimes have this feeling of under achievement in my work – one of the main reasons for this is the lack of clear goals and structure we all have being self-employed sometimes. I’m going to share some of the things that work for me and how to get from A-B.

When you’re writing a song, where do you get your inspiration from? Can you describe that process for us?

Great question! For me I only write about subjects I understand and emotions I have been through – I wouldn’t be able to contribute meaningfully to something I couldn’t empathise with. I am a title and concept man – always finding cool concepts from inspirational quotes and things I read. Also I don’t even start the music until the concept is nailed and the message, feeling and mood is cohesive.

A bit of a fun question for you, with all the festivals being cancelled because of COVID-19, we want to know what your ideal festival would be. If you were to perform at a festival, who else would you like to be on the line-up with you? Why would you like to share a stage with these particular artists?

Wow – I’d love to share a stage with a mix of big names and some of the other amazing talent I meet playing the circuit. There’s an amazing band called The Bonfires (Jon Green) along with Lucie Silvas, Jamie Woon, Greyson Chance, Dido, KT Tunstall, Tame Impala and Roosevelt (hope that’s not too much to ask for).

Final question, what’s next for you and your music? We know about your EP but is there anything else you have planned, or want to aim for, in the future?

In October I will start writing songs for a new MARKX project, although it’s early days I’ve been thinking about how people come through difficult times, what helps them survive tough times and what they’ve learned in their lives. I’m pretty sure 2020 will have influenced these songs in a deeply profound way. I’m throwing everything at 2021 as an artist – I feel there’s never been a better opportunity to reach more people and get the songs heard.  Bring it on.

Massive thanks to mark for taking time out of his day to answer our questions. We wish him best of luck with “Bonfire” and any future plans that he has!

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