REVIEW: Moontower Release New EP ‘What Day is It?’

LA-based band Moontower has blessed us all with the release of their most recent EP “What Day is It?” The four track EP is available to stream on Spotify now!

The EP starts off with “Bury Me.” It’s always good to start with a feel good song that will get you instantly hooked. This track does exactly that. It’s one of those songs that starts off simple, before hitting you with that bass. “Bury Me” will blow you away!

We then get sucked into “Rerun.” The two tracks blend together so flawlessly, you’ll want to fast forward to the next track purely out of anticipation. Hold your horses though – this is one you don’t want to skip. Very early on into the EP, we see a theme of extremely catchy electronic synths. You know when you first hear a song (or a collection of song), and you’re almost annoyed at yourself that you don’t already know the words? Even before you’ve even finished the song? Well…that’s what “Rerun” will do to you.

“What Day is It?” then takes it back just slightly with “Got My Way.” It still has those signature catchy synths and bass to it, but the vibe feels a lot more serious. Moontower end the EP with their leading single “Hit The Lights.” It’s obvious to see why this track was the chosen one to be a single. The track defines the sound of “What Day is It?” perfectly. It’s catchy, it’s bouncy, and you’ll want to listen to it over and over again.

There’s something for everyone in this EP and Moontower have truly outdone themselves. Be sure to follow their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates on future releases!

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