Shadow & The Thrill Put Their Own Spin on Gnarls Barkleys’ ‘Crazy’

Shadow & the Thrill release their cover of ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley. The track is available now on Spotify, check it out!

Sometimes it can be difficult for an artist to put their own spin on a classic. When everyone already loves the original, how can you possibly compete? This is something that Shadow & the Thrill have succeeded in, with their cover of ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley.

Consisting of Tony Cardenas-Montana and Brentt Acrement, the duo are ready to rock your world with their dark, and almost haunting take of the song. Coming to you from Los Angeles, CA, they have released their new album ‘Sugarbowl’ this month. From this album comes ‘Crazy’, the cover you didn’t realise you needed until now!

‘Crazy’ starts with the intro you’d expect, with a smooth transition into the first verse. The vocals suit the song perfectly, with a lower pitch into the chorus unlike the original. There’s a constant build up from start to finish, in a melodic rock way. This release will certainly make you hear music in a new way – that every song can be interpreted differently by each person. Who knew that a slow and sorrowful take can be made, with a song that we’re used to being so upbeat?

When discussing the track, Cardenas-Montana says:

“I love this song and wanted to cover it from the first time I heard it. Gnarls Barkley’s vocals mesmerized me. My impression of the song was that it was about depression. I related to it in that way, having dealt with that illness myself since I was a teenager. I let the re-arrangement and treatment ideas gestate for years. Finally, this blues groove and feeling took hold and it just kind of flowed out. Recording this was an emotional experience for me as a vocalist and guitarist.”  

You can check out their official website here, for updates and more. You can also follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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