REVIEW – Campbell Sibthorpe Drops New EP “Ytown”

Last month Campbell Sibthorpe released his new EP titled “Ytown.” You can now listen to this 7-track album on Spotify!

“Ytown” starts with “The Sun Appeared.” It’s an interesting track as it’s only a little over a minute long. However, it only takes a minute to draw you in. The perfect introduction to the EP. It then moves on to “Father Carpenter” which is a far more upbeat track. Both tracks are a contrast to each other giving the EP a strong start. 

A theme we see throughout “Ytown” is the stunning guitar riffs. Campbell Sibthorpe demonstrates his talents so beautifully within this collection of songs. “Pastel Porcelain” and “Dandelion” showcases this the most. The guitar at the beginning of each song will make you want to pick up a guitar and learn to play yourself!

So, who is Campbell Sibthorpe? And what is the inspiration behind “Ytown”? Campbell is a London-based folk singer-songwriter. “Ytown” explores the journey of adolescence and youth. It was inspired by the town the singer grew up in. When talking of the EP, Campbell says;

“I wanted the record to recall that feeling of driving through where you grew up one last time.”

He certainly did just that. There is a sense of nostalgia within the EP. It was entirely self-produced and recorded from in his hometown. When speaking of the process, he says;

“After a while, I just decided to give up on removing the sounds of where I lived. We live underneath a really busy flight path and so I’d track the flights and hit record when it passed…”

We’re very much looking forward to seeing what else Campbell has in store for us. “Ytown” is an absolute treat. Be sure to stream the EP and follow Campbell on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to show further support!


  1. The Sun Appeared
  2. Father Carpenter 
  3.  Pastel Porcelain  
  4. Dandelion  
  5. Good Lord
  6. Strawberry Line, Pt.1 
  7. Strawberry Line, Pt.2

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