2020 Starts Strong for Up and Coming Musician Jordy Pearce

The debut album ‘The Things’ has a strong introduction with ‘Saturday Nights’. Already within the first 10 seconds, you can acknowledge the feel-good vibe for the whole album. This song is all about overthinking everything possible on a Saturday night. Family, friends, relationship – this song is almost a realisation that the future hits you quickly, and makes you think about how you spend your time. We love this one. This one particularly reminds me of a few hangovers we’ve had… Oops!

A couple of tracks later, we come across the interestingly titled ‘Cogs’. A bit more laid back. ‘Cogs’ is a reference used for how the mind works and the thought process, so is a nice tie-in to ‘Saturday Nights’. This song is about realising how different the present day can feel and how things were, looking back to previous times. A good song to reflect, and make you think about how you as an individual process different experiences. A lot of comparisons too – with the lyric ‘my brain is not as big as yours, it doesn’t work the same’ amongst others!

We’re sure that ‘These Words Are True’ will also be another fan favourite. Another slower track, that lets you envision the message of the lyrics. It’s all about feeling strong enough to put your feelings out there and be heard, even if it’s not what others want to hear. This is an easy listen, and we can imagine blaring this on a road trip to self-discovery. We especially love the lyric ‘You’ve spoken, now it’s my turn’. Get yourself out there and voice what you want to say!

‘A Message for a Friend’ is introduced with that unique ukulele sound we have learned to expect from Jordy. This, for us, is an important turning point in the album and is placed perfectly within the track setting. The lyrics are about reaching out to a friend who is having a tough time, and listing all the ways a pal can help you get through it. We specifically like the simplicity of ‘come outside, come outside, where the flowers grow and the sun will rise for you.’ It makes us appreciate the world around us and how much of a great impact nature can have on your wellbeing.

The album concludes with ‘Think About the Things’. Which as you can imagine, is a great song for reflection. The beautiful melody mixed with the relaxing lyrics will make you think about yourself in a stripped-back state, feel good about the things you like, and maybe see yourself in a different light.

Overall, we are incredibly impressed with Jordy Pearce and the music he has brought to About The Noise! Head over to Spotify, to listen to the album in full:

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