Warwickshire Band ‘Courthouse’ are a Must Listen!


Courthouse are an urban-indie band located in Rugby, Warwickshire. It was difficult to choose just the one song to recommend you, so we’re just going to give you a rundown on a few of our favourites! You can go check out their music via the bands’ website here. You can also check them out on Spotify.

Let’s start with the band’s most recent release. “Owe Yourself a Dream” we’ve been told is a fan favourite – and we can see why! Extremely catchy and the perfect pick-me-up if you’re having a bad day. It will instantly put you in a good mood. They also dropped a music video alongside the release which you can find below.

“Green With Envy” is up next! It’s a beautiful ballad that has relatable lyrics with a soothing piano behind it. The version on Courthouses’ website is performed live at Metropolis Studios in London. As it’s live, it gives you a good indicator of how well they perform if you decide to go and see them in action. After hearing the track, we’d say it would be worth the money!

Another track for you is “You’re My Cup Of Tea.” A sign of a good song is how well it flows from start to finish. This track does this wonderfully! The vocals are flawless and the production is exquisitely done. We’d say that this track demonstrates just how well each members’ talents make the perfect blend. Utter bliss and a pleasure to listen to.

Those are our favourites! Although, it was difficult to narrow down and we highly recommend you give all their songs a listen and see for yourself. Be sure to show your support to Courthouse by following their Facebook and Instagram

What did you think of Courthouse? What’s your favourite song of theirs? We’d love to know! Let us know what you think over on our Twitter – @aboutthe_noise