Amber Jones Shares Debut Single ‘BLUEBERRIES

Singer-songwriter Amber Jones has just released her extraordinary debut single titled “BLUEBERRIES” – and it’s a track that you have to listen to immediately!

Ambers vocals in “BLUEBERRIES” creates an enchanting listening experience. It’s what makes the single stand out as much as it does. However, alongside the vocals is a gentle beat that beautifully sets the tone for the meaning behind the lyricism – the lyrics also being an art in itself. Blend all these aspects together, and what you get is the perfect cocktail for what truly is an incredible track for a debut. “BLUEBERRIES” only makes us wonder what else Amber Jones has up her sleeve. She has already set the bar high, but it’s clear that she can only go higher.

On the track, she explains;

“’Blueberries’ was inspired by life choices, life choices that I haven’t necessarily been proud of. Life choices that I paid emotional consequences for. But it is these choices that have led to not only maturity but a more straight edge lifestyle.”

Although this may be her debut single, she is no stranger to the music industry. She has worked alongside note-worthy name Scott Welch – a producer and mixing and mastering engineer who has worked with GRAMMY Award-nominated group Tank and the Bangas. After highschool, the songstress decided to take a more practical route and attended college to become a nurse. However, music has always been her calling, and she just couldn’t tear herself away from it.

She’s a singer that you definitely need to keep your eye on, so be sure to follow Amber Jones on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram! You can stream “BLUEBERRIES” on all major streaming platforms now!

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