The Summer After Release ‘ANTIGRAVITY

The Summer After have dropped brand new summer anthem ‘Antigravity’. The sensational new song is available to listen to on Spotify!

The Summer After is the moniker of singer-songwriter Jake Seidl. Acting as an enchanted ode and love letter to his wife, the lyrics really tie in with the longing and constant admiration for someone. The Summer After have a really distinctive sound, unlike most genres you find in the charts today, and it works seamlessly with the blend of indie rock, electronic music and pop.

The transcendental new track will have you mesmerised. The gorgeous vocals from Jake are paired perfectly with the gorgeous backing track and perfect lyrics. It is a really easy listen and will get you in your feels in seconds! If you are looking for a new song to jam to that has all the ingredients of nostalgia and space like pop, this one is for you.

When discussing the new track, Jake said:

“This song is written for my wife. This may sound a little corny but she is my best friend, my inspiration, my business partner, and my soulmate. It’s a song written in a space theme about how I feel when I’m around her. This was one of those songs that just came supernatural to write.”

The music written and performed by The Summer After is inspired by huge iconic pop-punk acts of the 2000s such as blink-182, Angels & Airwaves and 30 Seconds To Mars. Combining his own contemporary sound and the glimpse of nostalgic notes, Jake has proved himself to be an original wordsmith and authentic music artist.

Many new listeners of The Summer After either forgot about this specific genre or moved on to listen to other things, however Jake is bringing it back in full swing.

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