mlbacard¡ Releases Debut Single ‘Ketchup’

mlbacard¡ has just become the newest artist to watch after releasing her debut single ‘Ketchup’

“Ketchup” is a beautifully soulful track that is a wonderful treat for music fans. it was created through a time of suffering and dealing with sorrow. The breath-taking melodies will transport you to a whole new realm, and the vocals will lift you off of your feet.

When talking about the track, mlbacard¡ explains;

I was a lost soul, swimming in a fish bowl; I’d trap myself in the inevitable cycles of depression.  I felt misunderstood and didn’t accept the way society conventionally measures success, the world felt empty, therefore I felt empty.

“Ketchup” will be the first release of many new songs to come. The artist draws influences from a variety of different artists including Biig Piig, Metronomy, Brockhampton, 070 Shake and The Strokes. She uses her abilities as therapy to help her through difficulties. By doing this, listeners of her music will find it easy to relate to her lyricism and allows them to connect to the track on a deeper level. She adds;

“I definitely want there to be a sense of humour to what I do because although life can be confusing, you might as well make a joke out of it rather than dwell in your own sadness which is what I’ve been doing for way too long. Now I’m wanting to reinterpret those things into something that can be for the better.

mlbacard¡ is certainly one to keep your eye on. “Ketchup” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms, and you can follow her on Instagram for further updates!

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