Newcomer JANE Shares ‘The Crowd’ Music Video

Photo by Katrina Benzova

In celebration of National Women’s Day, alt-pop newcomer, JANE, thought it would be the perfect time to release the music video for her fantastic single “This Crowd.”

“This Crowd” is a wonderfully relatable track, particularly to those who may struggle with social anxiety. The song was written from the singer’s own experience making it highly personal. The track was produced by Eric Zayne – who has been a strong collaborator through JANE’s career so far. Talking about “This Crowd,” she explains;

“I wrote ‘This Crowd’ right after I came home from a party that I did not feel very comfortable at. I didn’t fit in and felt like I couldn’t be myself with the people I was surrounded with. So I wanted to write about that feeling and how you can be in a big crowd but still feel lonely. I also want to share how you don’t always need to try and fit in. I want people to be able to connect with this song and to know they’re not alone.”

The music video that coincides with the release is perfectly fitting for expressing the meaning behind the track. Filmed in black and white, it depicts what it feels like to struggle with anxiety in a beautifully, artistic way. The video can now be viewed below;

For those wondering, JANE is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter who is known for her stunning, classic vocals. She uses her songwriting skills as a therapeutic tool for self-expression – making her songs relatable and accessible to those who have the pleasure to listen. Her debut EP, “Fall Into Place,” has garnered 200,000 streams on Spotify, and has further built her following after the release of her previous singles; “Free,” “Skinwalker,” and “Grace.”

Her goal as an artist is to inspire a new era of opportunities for young women. Music fans can expect more new music this coming Spring. So, be sure to follow JANE on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram for further details!

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