THE UNDERCOVER HIPPY Return With ‘Hey Boy’ and Announce Album!

THE UNDERCOVER HIPPY have announced the release of new album ‘Poor Little England’ in April. You can also listen to new track ‘Hey Boy’ now!

Known for his ska beat, piano lines and thought provoking lyrics, THE UNDERCOVER HIPPY has returned with new music for fans and listeners alike. 2023 certainly looks like a jam-packed year for Rowan, starting with the release of track ‘Hey Boy’.

‘Hey Boy’ takes us back to the sound we know and love from Rowan. His very specific brand and genre is apparent like no other with this release, and fans can’t get enough of his fast paced story telling. It’s a really intricate piece, with the perfect blend of tone and pace throughout the track.

When discussing the track, Rowan shared:

“I wrote this song about my own unhealthy relationship with my phone and how I used it to self-medicate when I was feeling depressed. I was living alone at the time, and when I was in a negative headspace, I would escape into the world of social media scrolling, only to emerge 2 hours later feeling 10 times worse! So I wrote this song to remind myself that the best way to get out of a funk is to get up off the sofa, leave the house and seek out some real face to face interaction with other human beings. I hope it can help other people in the same situation, and also help to break down some of the stigmas around mental health and asking for help.”

THE UNDERCOVER HIPPY has also recently announced the long anticipated album ‘Poor Little England’. Originally due to be released in 2020, writing sessions began way back in 2017. With every day life, Covid as well as other factors becoming apparent, it is now the perfect time for Rowan to share the new album with fans – so stay tuned for 7th April!

The new collection is a follow-up to the 2017 album release of ‘Truth & Fiction’, which was deeply political and was released amidst Brexit, paranoia and propaganda.

He will also be touring the UK from March onwards,

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