REVIEW – ‘Disenchanted’ FINALLY Drops on Disney+

All the way back in 2007, we were introduced to the wonderful story of Giselle, and how her fairytale went…well…not as planned. Now, in the year of 2022, the well-loved story continued with an excellent sequel “Disenchanted.”

In the original film, we saw Giselle (Amy Adams) fall instantly in love with Prince Edward (James Marsden) after he saved her life. A very stereotypical fairytale indeed. But this one has a twist. A witch pushes Giselle down a well, forcing her out of the magical world of Andalasia, and into the real world of New York. Here she meets single dad Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey), his daughter Morgan, and his partner Nancy (Idina Menzel). Giselle struggles to fit into the real world, but eventually falls in love with Robert and his daughter.

Skip ahead a few years, Morgan is now a teenager, Giselle and Robert have a baby together, they move into a beautiful new house, and Giselle gets the happily ever after she’s always wanted. However, she soon learns that this is not the case. Morgan is a teenager now and cracks begin to show in their relationship. After making a wish on a wand that Nancy and Edward gifted the family, Giselle accidentally turned her ideal fairytale into a nightmare. She becomes Morgan’s evil stepmother and nearly ruins their bond for good.

“Disenchanted” is a magical tale to escape into. It’s the perfect blend of animation and live action that Enchanted was so iconic for. The crossover of the two worlds was beautifully done once again, creating an enchanting atmosphere that we all adore. Not to mention the added music that is to die for.

“Disenchanted” is now available to stream on Disney+ so be sure to check it out!

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