REVIEW – Hocus Pocus 2 Finally Arrives to Disney+!

After nearly thirty years after the original release, the sequel to Hocus Pocus has FINALLY been released to Disney+!

The story of the Sanderson sisters began in 1993 where we discovered the history of three witches. After sucking the youth out of a young girl to make themselves young again, the people of Salem sentence them to death. They cast a spell where one day, a virgin will light a candle at full moon on halloween and they will return once more. Of course, this does happen and they cause havoc. A bit of a spoiler alert here if you have not watched the first film, they disappear after the sunrises.

Now, fast forward twenty-nine years later and we learn even MORE about the is sisters. The film begins back when Winifred (Bette Midler), Sarah (Sarah Jessica-Parker), and Mary (Kathy Najimy) are children. After Winifred refused to marry a local boy, her sisters were taken away from her. They decide to run off into a forest where they meet Mother Witch (Hannah Waddingham) who introduces them to dark magic and gifts them Book.

It then skips to present day where we are introduced to best friends Becca (Whitney Peak) and Izzy (Belissa Escobedo). It’s Halloween and also Becca’s sixteenth. Every year, they head into those same woods and perform a ritual. This year, they were tricked into lighting a candle at full moon by store owner Gilbert (Sam Richardson). Of course, as Becca is a virgin, the Sanderson sisters return to cause havoc once more. They discover modern day things for the very first time (which is absolutely hilarious), but what they truly want is to become the most powerful witches so they can take their revenge on Salem.

Fans are attached to the original Hocus Pocus film, and were concerned with how the sequel will pan out. But we believe that the cast truly did it justice. The original actresses who played the sisters in the 90s were absolutely fantastic reprising their roles. We even saw zombie William (Doug James) once again. The new cast added to the modern take beautifully. Of course, nothing matches to the original. But Hocus Pocus 2 certainly came close.

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