We Three Release New Single ’50 Shades of Pink’

Last week, We Three released an extremely catchy new track titled “50 Shades of Pink”…and the music video is highly aesthetically pleasing!

“50 Shades of Pink” has soft vocals in contrast to it’s catchy beats. It has a wittiness about it that makes the track, not only addictive to listen to, but also to sing along too. Nowadays, we here a lot of ballads floating around about heartbreak and mental health – which is important. It’s nice for music lovers to listen to songs they can relate to and know they’re not alone. However, sometimes it’s good to listen to a song that’s fun filled, and instantly puts you in a good mood. It’s a form of escapism. Instead of listening to music that relate to your problems, why not allow yourself to forget them for awhile, and listen to listen to something more upbeat like “50 Shades of Pink”?

The harmonies that can be hear throughout the song truly make it. Would make the perfect track for a road trip. Chilling in the car with someone special with the windows down, blasting the sing through the speakers, and singing from the top of your lungs, forcing everyone that you drive past to turn their heads. It’s a vibe we all need in our lives.

A music video was released alongside the single, and it perfectly matches the energy of the track! Of course, pink is the main theme in the video. Pink outfits, pink lighting, pink…everything! We Three are also doing what they do best and entertaining the viewers as much as possible. It has a refreshing uniqueness that’s pleasing to the eyes and ears.

“50 Shades of Pink” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms! To keep up to date with what We Three are up to, then be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok!

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