New Friends Release New Single ‘Doomed’

New Friends are a Canadian indie/alternative band who have just released an extremely addictive new track titled “Doomed.”

“Doomed” is certainly a song for the alt-pop lovers who love to blast their music from their speakers. It’s a fun, catchy song that you will have on repeat over and over again. It’s easy to listen to sound, and lyrics that you’ll learn after the first listen, creates the perfect track for those summer days.

The single was released ahead of the bands new EP that is due to be released in January 2023. If “Doomed” is anything to go by, then the upcoming EP is going to be one that you need to keep on your radar. An amusing music video was released alongside the track that premiered on Wonderland magazine at the end of last week. It’s now available to view via Youtube below;

When talking about the track, New Friends explain;

The song was inspired by the feeling of being a hopeless romantic but from a different point of view. The idea of ‘Doomed’ is being self aware of the chaotic energy you bring into your love life. When relationship after relationship consistently fails, often we give up and say “well I on guess I’m just really bad at this ‘love’ thing”. The song calls out to any future lover, preparing them for the fact that you know how the story is going to go. Hurt feelings? Buy some flowers and write ‘I’m sorry” on the card.”

As they are releasing new music, the band have been busy travelling to various spots in order to promote what’s to come. They’ll be heading out on tour in September where they will be travelling around Canada to perform their new releases to their fans. Full dates can be found below;

Tour Dates

August 19 – Saint Thomas, Canada – Railway City Music and Festival
September 3 – Los Angeles, CA – Breaking Sound Showcase
September 14 – London, Canada – Western Fair
September 17 – Toronto, Canada-  Rivoli
September 22 – Peterbourgh, Canada – The Red Dog
September 23 – Hamilton, Canada – Mills Hardware
September 24 – St. Catharines, Canada – Warehouse
September 29 – Kingston, Canada – The Mansion
September 30 – Ottawa, Canada – The 27 Club

“Doomed” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms. To keep up to date on what the band are up to, and for information about the EP, be sure to follow New Friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok!

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