Peyton Shay Drops ‘Badder Than The Bad Boys’

Peyton Shay has released brand new track ‘Badder Than The Bad Boys’. The new track is now available to listen to on Spotify!

At only 19 years old, Peyton Shay from Los Angeles has already hit the billboard charts. Her strong willed personality and confidence is displayed in both her music, and her connection to her fans. Peyton has already become one of the youngest female charting artists, hitting 18 in the US billboards and 7 in the UK charts.

When discussing the new track, Peyton Shay said:

“The idea behind ‘Badder Than The Bad Boys’ started in high school. I grew up in a very proper and standardized town where everyone followed certain paths and expectations, even the ‘bad boys’ followed a norm. I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to be on top of the world and genuinely live life for myself. This song is about me speaking and thinking how I want, not how everyone else expects me to. I hope this song gives power to the listener and helps them discover their true self.”

‘Badder Than The Bad Boys’ is all about girl power and what it takes to take control of a situation. It’s incredibly catchy and will have you singing along to the chorus within one listen! It’s an instant mood booster and belongs on playlists to suit all moods.

The music video matches the track perfectly. Peyton has a natural flare and edge and this attitude compliments the track in the most sensational way. Believing every word she sings, the video in itself has creative direction of power and drive.

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