The Sunshine State Drop ‘In Another Life’ EP

The Sunshine State have released their brand new EP ‘In Another Life’. You can now check it out on Spotify!

Skyler Stonestreet is the brains behind The Sunshine State, and is a multi platinum award winning songwriter.

The collection begins with ‘Cliff Drive’, really setting the scene for the rest of the tracks. Skylers’ gorgeous vocals play a huge part in this one, and meshes perfectly with the smooth lyrics. A couple of tracks later we have ‘Things Changed’. It has some really beautiful harmonies, and is a great listen when reflecting. Thinking about the past and the future, and being excited for where things could lead.

‘Bob’ gives clarity to the incredible storytelling techniques that Skyler holds. The ability to tell a gripping tale from start to finish is crucial to any song writer, and she certainly does this well. Rounding up the collection is ‘Pushing 30’ which is an incredibly easy listen. The breezy vocals give the album a perfect send off, wishing listeners for more.

When discussing ‘In Another Life’, Skyler said:

“We had zero rules or pressure while making this and it means so much to have a project that I just 1000% love and wanna sing along to. These songs are freeing without any consequences, and all except one took place at a time in my youth when I was a very different person than I am now. In Another Life is nostalgia wrapped up with a sparkly bow but also a chapter of what my life also would have been like if I had followed some of the insane tumultuous ways of my past, and not asked myself what I really wanted.” 

One of many things that Skyler love about writing her own music is the connection it brings to other like-minded talents. The EP was co-written with artist and songwriter Hayley Gene Penner, and had help with songwriting and production from Nick Monson.

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