CAT SFX Drop ‘Binman’

CAT SFX have dropped their infectious new single ‘Binman’. It’s now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

The band is a combination of Caterina Speranza on vocals, Gordon Mills on drums, Ben Sink of guitar, Jacob Morris on bass and the most recent addition in the form of Beth Mills on backing vocals and keys. Taking inspiration from punk-rock spirits such as X-Ray Spex and Garbage, CAT SFX bring together a sound of Britpop, 80s New Wave and Grunge.

It can sometimes be difficult to find new artists where you can really feel the passion in the vocals. However, CAT SFX prove themselves to be the exception with ‘Binman’. Listeners are thrilled with the relatable lyrics of feeling as though time is lost when obsessing over an addiction.

When discussing the new track, Cat Speranza said:

“”Binman” is about a toxic relationship: the one between me and alcohol. It’s about the fights that you have with your loved one because you’re so drunk again and have caused carnage, and you’re trying to pick up the pieces the next day. And you make up all these excuses, to yourself, to others. So I’m the Binman. I’m the trash that needs taking out.” 

The group are currently signed to the tastemaker label of Alan McGee ‘It’s Creation Baby’. They have quickly become established as one of the must-see live acts in the London rock and roll scene. ‘Binman’ is the sixth release for CAT SFX, and comes from their upcoming EP with the same name. This is due to be released next week on 15th July via It’s Creation Baby.

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