BLEACHx Releases ‘My Friends Are a Mess’

BLEACHx has released brand new solo single ‘My Friends Are a Mess’. With incredibly relatable lyrics, you can head to Spotify to check it out!

BLEACHx is the moniker of LA based queer platinum selling songwriter, Jeremy Thurber. Interestingly, the name was thought of through the wanting to ‘bleach’ the past and to start a fresh. Ready to take on the world, BLEACHx is in full creative control of his music and spices up the industry with his unapologetic vengeance and angsty pop anthems.

The track has a gorgeous introduction and you will be hooked from the start. The lyrics captures perfectly the feeling of looking at your friends on a night out, realising that none of them have it together and loving them anyway.

This really is a summer tune that belongs on many different playlists, and is a great listen whether you’re preparing for a night out, or for a de-brief the following morning!

When discussing the new single, Jeremy said:

“I always had the title of ‘My Friends Are A Mess’ sitting in my notes and I knew i wanted a more uptempo party with ur friends song for the project. So when my writing partner Sadie was late to the session literally from a flight back from Vegas a wreck, she opened the door and as the chords were playing the first two lines flew out of my mouth as we laughed at each other, ‘My girl just flew in from fuckin Vegas, cause Tuesday’s just as a good as Friday night.’ We laughed and without missing a beat we dove right in and I think we finished the topline in like 15 minutes. It’s an anthem to just have a good time with your friends and not care, you don’t have to be drunk or on a bender to enjoy the madness and good times in this record.”

Known for his incredibly thought through lyrics, BLEACHx touches on a playful but also dark side of bad decisions and heartbreak, ensuring that his music is relatable.

There really is no stopping Jeremy, with an already impressive experience with JPop and KPop scene, he has also worked closely with the likes on Meghan Trainor, Greyson Chance and Jake Miller.

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