Carrie Underwood Announces Album ‘Denim and Rhinestones’

Carrie Underwood has announced her brand new album ‘Denim and Rhinestones’, due to be released later this year on 10th June!

Carrie co-wrote 11 of the 12 tracked masterpiece. This was with the help of several frequent collaborators, such as Josh Miller, Ashley Gorley, David Garcia, Hillary Lindsey, Josh Kear and Chris DeStefano. She has also welcomed the input of new co-writers including Michael Hardy and Lydia Vaughan.

Excitingly, Carrie has also released the title track ‘Denim and Rhinestones’, available to listen here. The gorgeous track has lyrics to explain how opposites can work, as well as those things that go hand in hand.

It is a wonderful feeling when you feel as though you’ve met that special person, who compliments you perfectly!

When discussing the new album, Carrie said:

“We cover a lot of ground on this album. We have a lot of songs that have a bit of a ‘throwback’ feel, but they sound super fresh. I grew up listening to so many different kinds of music and that is extremely evident in this body of work. These are musical influences that are all in me and work their way out, and I just decided this time not to get in their way. I think this whole album ended up being a big reflection of me as a person and as an artist. After spending over two years with My Gift and My Savior, which were such passion projects and so close to my heart, putting together REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency was really the catalyst for this album. I was just ready to have fun and to write songs that make me happy to listen to and happy to sing.”

The first track to be released from the upcoming album is ‘Ghost Story’. Depicting how it’s possible to haunt someone, Carrie explains how it can feel when a previous partner or loved one no longer in your life can have a ghost like effect on your memory.

The ‘Denim and Rhinestones’ signed CD box set and vinyl box set are available to preorder now. Both of which include an exclusive t shirt, denim tote bag, rhinestone pack and album slip mat.

You can find the track list below:

Denim & Rhinestones
Velvet Heartbreak
Ghost Story
Hate My Heart
Crazy Angels
Pink Champagne
Wanted Woman
Poor Everybody Else
She Don’t Know

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