Sally Dige Drops ‘I Will Be the Sun for You’

Sally Dige has dropped her new single ‘I Will Be the Sun for You’. The track is now available to listen to on Spotify!

Sally is a Danish-Canadian singer songwriter who is based in Berlin, Germany. A jack of all trades, she writes, records, produces and arranges all of her material herself. She also handles all of the visual work, too. Her music career is one to be admired, already releasing 2 albums and a number of singles.

The track starts in an upbeat way and will instantly lift your mood. The vocals from Sally are second to none, with her gorgeous multi tonal voice. The lyrics will have you relating to your relationship with a significant other, a friend, a pet. Anyone or anything that brings bundles of love to your life!

When discussing ‘I Will Be the Sun for You’, Sally Dige said:

It’s a love song, but not just in the conventional sense. It’s the love that someone brings into your life who uplifts and supports you. It’s also about one’s relationship with the universe, what others might call ‘faith’, and whoever and whatever it is we reach for when we most need it. That is our sun. Our light at the end of the tunnel. The Sun is the symbol of the inner light in all of us.”

The track sprung to mind in a time of anxiousness, when Berlin were in lockdown over the pandemic months. Sally was eager to write new material at this time, but found herself distracted and unable to find the right words.

Throughout these frustrations, she had a brainwave and acknowledged that what the world needed in that moment, were songs of joy. With that said, the dong was written. This was a huge challenge for the artist, as it was nothing like she had come up with before.

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