YOVA Drop Video for ‘Make It Better’

YOVA release brand new music video for their boundary breaking track ‘Make It Better’, with gorgeous aesthetics and stunning vocals!

The grouping of YOVA consists of Jova Radevska and Mark Vernon. Jova, is a vocalist and songwriter from Macedonia, while Mark has a strong track record of managing and producing with the likes of John Cale and PJ Harvey. At a chance meeting in London the two quickly realised how great a project together would be.

From the very beginning, viewers are impressed with the pairing of sound and visuals, as the pair go hand in hand. The video sets a great standard of breaking the norm and daring to be different, and impressively has come from the combined mind of YOVA.

When discussing the new release, vocalist and songwriter Joda Radevska said:

“When someone dares to be different & decides to fall out of line, it quickly becomes frowned upon & they’re accused of wrongdoing. History teaches us that true change comes from individuals not from governments. The video has a government official doing a speech but her true colours start to show during the speech & when she becomes aware of it she quickly covers her hand so as not to be noticed. Blinded by distractions & consumerism the puppets in the video are programmed to do what everyone around them does. It takes true courage to break off the chain & escape the factory line.”

As well as the captivating new music video, YOVA have also very recently dropped their new album ‘Nine Lives’. A true eclectic collection of music and sound, features bangers such as ‘An Innocent Man’ which won Best Animation Video at the New York Animation Awards.

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