REVIEW – ‘The Nan Movie’ Will Have You In Stitches!

On Friday (18th of March), a well beloved, national treasure released her own film – and it is now out in UK cinemas. Catherine Tate’s “The Nan Movie” will have you gasping for air through the laughter.

Back in 2004, “The Catherine Tate Show” launched its first series where we all fell in love with all the characters that appeared in a variety of hilarious sketches written by Catherine Tate herself. Since then, the characters and the show have become a part of British culture. Every English person has said at least one iconic catchphrase at least one time in their lives.

One of the characters that appeared on the show was “Nan” – an elderly lady who…doesn’t like people very much. Her bluntness and wicked sense of humour captured all our hearts instantly. The sketches she appeared in is usually set in her flat where she shares her bitterness with her kind grandson Jamie (Matthew Horne). Now, she has her own film on the big screen.

In the film, we see the pensioner and her grandson take a roadtrip to see her estranged sister in Ireland after hearing some bad news. On the way, Nan shares the story of her past and why she is distant from her sister. We discover her backstory that is rather heartbreaking, yet we finally understand the meaning behind her elderly bitterness. Whilst that all sounds rather serious, the road trip takes some twisted, hilarious turns that no one will see coming. The comedy will have you grabbing at your sides you will be laughing so much, but it has a wonderful story amongst the laughs. You will also witness the heartwarming relationship between grandson and grandmother.

“The Nan Movie” is out now in all UK cinemas. If you fancy having a good laugh, we suggest you get to your local cinema immediately.

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