Myles Lloyd Drops Music Video for ‘Down Under’

“Down Under” is the new, catchy single from R&B artist Myles Lloyd – and it is certainly a track to add to your Spotify playlist!

Myles is a critically acclaimed Canadian singer whose lyricism focuses on the complex stories and personal life-events that he enjoys to share with his listeners. His music can be defined as vulnerable, raw, yet highly addictive. We all love a good song that we can relate to on a personal level. By sharing his life lessons through is musical ability, Myles is able to connect to others in the most beautiful way.

“Down Under” is a classic track for the R&B lovers. His smooth vocals and catchy beats will automatically get you hooked from the moment you press play. A music video was released alongside the single which perfectly captures the mood a vibe of the track. The video is now available to view via YouTube below;

Myles Lloyd has recently released his album titled “Forever, Yours.” The 8-track album narrates a story of saying goodbye, but also being able to keep the memories, experiences, and emotions close to you. It follows from his previous album “Goodbye” – which was released back in 2019. “Goodbye” shares a different tale of alienating the past and finally moving forward. Two very different ways of dealing with a similar situation. He explains;

“But how realistic is it to leave everything in the past and never think about it again. To never wonder how life would be with a do over. So many scenarios and thoughts can play in your head and it’s normal.” 

Myles Lloyd has a lot to give to the R&B scene. Be sure to show him your support by following him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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