Tim Montana Drops ‘Good By Me’ and ‘I Ain’t Ashamed’

Tim Montana has released two brand new singles ‘Good By Me’ and ‘I’m Not Ashamed’. Both are now available to listen to on Spotify!

Tim Montana is a Country rocker with a number of talents under his belt. As well as being a feel good hero amongst the music scene, he is also a father, husband, foodie and TV personality. He has now released not one, but two tracks that fans are already wracking up the listening stats for. Where does he find the time!

‘Good By Me’ begins with the rugged vocals we have grown to love from Tim. This is a feel good tune in its’ purest form, reminding his listeners that there is still good in the world.

It’s incredibly catchy – with the title line ‘it’s all good by me’ creeping in between verses, you’ll be singing along too by the end. The track is a great indication to its’ listeners that it’s ok to sit back and enjoy nice moments around you.

When discussing the new releases, Tim said:

“Whether that moment was divine intervention or fate, looking at that picture gave me a whole new perspective on the situation. Love is greater than hate. If we’re good to one another, greet people with a smile and strike up a conversation, it will always break down walls. I’m really proud of what these two songs stand for and it means a lot to me to share them with the world.”

‘I Ain’t Ashamed’ has a different vibe entirely, which really showcases the difference in talent for Tim Montana. This is a song about acceptance and being alright with your past, present and future.

Tim has an incredible knack for having his listeners feel seen and heard with his relatable lyrics and human nature. It is truly a breath of fresh air to listen to music that is generally a feel good sense of being and self purpose.

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