Our Top 5 90s Boy Bands

With new music from Five and a tour announcement from Blue, a lot of us are finding the boy band nostalgia comforting.

The 90’s was really was the era of significant pitch changes and denim jackets. From the Irish charm to the typical British accents, there are so many unforgettable hits that are still popular today. Here’s our Top 5!

5) Five.

These guys released some absolute bangers that stay dear to their fans to this day. One classic is ‘Keep On Movin’, how can you not get up on your feet with that intro? Listeners also love the old school summer vibe of ‘Got The Feelin’. Looks like the boys were a fan of shortening verbs, too…

4) N’Sync.

The ultimate cheese from the 90’s with a real boy band vibe. Surprisingly, N’Sync are the only band from the States to appear in this Top 5. Fans love their cheesier stuff too – like ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ and ‘I Want You Back’. We could watch the choreography to those two all day!

3) Westlife.

Where do you even start with Westlife. They have managed to pull off what many artists have been unsuccessful in doing – Keeping their own sound while also staying up to date with their music. Typical favourites from the boys’ earlier era include ‘If I Let You Go’ and ‘Uptown Girl’. Their later stuff is just as bangin’, such as ‘Us Against The World’ and ‘When You’re Looking Like That’.

2) A1.

A1 are and have always been totally underrated. Bop after bop, including the cover of 80’s classic ‘Take On Me’ by Aha, there’s no way they wouldn’t have scored high in our top 5. Some favourites include ‘Same Old Brand New You’ and ‘Caught In The Middle’. We’d do anything for new A1 music! What do you think?

1) Backstreet Boys.

To a lot of our readers, there is no other option for number 1. Whenever someone mentions boyband, many instantly think of these guys. We can totally understand the fangirling at the airport in the ‘I Want It That Way’ video! Our favourite, though, has to be ‘As Long As You Love Me’. Other favourites include ‘Everybody’ and ‘Larger Than Life’ – What a vibe!

So there you have it, our Top 5 Boy Bands. What would yours look like? Let us know over on our Twitter!