Wednesday’s Child Drop ‘Nearby Nowhere’

Wednesday’s Child have dropped their brand new banger ‘Nearby Nowhere’. The track is now available to listen to it on Spotify!

The duo based in London bring together the classic sounds of jazz and psychedelic rock, with a sprinkle of punk spirit. Wednesday’s Child is the lovechild of Emily Roberts and Georgia Williams, who began collaborating during the various lockdown in the UK across 2020 and 2021. They built a connection at this time, and the journey of growth can be witnessed through their lyrics and ever-growing, individual sound.

From the beginning, Emily and Georgia were keep to avoid sounding over-produced and to be their true authentic selves. With just the two of them writing and producing their music, both aertists felt heard and seen by the other, developing a relationship of trust and transparency.

The track is, put simply, just over two minutes of pure joy. The girls’ vocals smash into each other in a brilliant way, and it’s clear that the pair understand each others’ input to create a unique sound. You will find yourself lost in a day dream to this one, and will uncover different segments and harmonies of the track after each listen!

‘Nearby Nowhere’ comes from the love of The Ronnettes, and is the most upbeat of their recent 5 track EP. When Georgia was dealing with insomnia earlier this year, she delved into finding 60s sounding chords on her guitar, and started writing lyrics of hope and positivity.

The lead single of the EP ‘Begin Again’ had already earned the duo critical acclaim, and is a clear indication that their music is heading in the right direction.

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