Aimee Releases Brand-New Single ‘Just A Phase’

Irish songstress Aimee has recently dropped her brand-new banger titled “Just A Phase.” The awesome new track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“Just A Phase” is a highly empowering single that will get you off your feet and singing at the top of your lungs. It’s the perfect song for a girls night out, and would go down a treat in a club. The sound is based on Aimee’s love for 90s nostalgia. You will be transported back in time, but it still has that modern twist making is easy for everyone to enjoy.

When talking about the creative process when creating the single, Aimee explains;

“Working on Just A Phase was a completely different experience for me. In the past I had felt a need to identify myself through my lyrics, to establish who I am with the listener. Which I think we did effectively, especially with the last EP. But I felt this time round I needed to be free enough to write in a more fun, sensual, and light way. I adore that late 90s sound of Britney, NSYNC – the pure unadulterated pop of it all. So, it made perfect sense to work with a Swedish writer on this song. Myself and Richey McCourt, who I co-wrote the last EP with, wanted a very no nonsense, pop focused writer in on this one with us. There’s something very ambitious about how Swedish pop writers write, and Nick (Jarl) was the perfect person to bring that magic. I love that this unique Irish / Swedish collaboration has resulted in what I feel is my most determined & focused sound yet. ‘Just A Phase’ is all about that intense, charged stage of any romance, where it feels almost obsessive and all consuming, despite your best efforts to not let it take over.”

COVID-19 has had it’s restrictions on everybody. From the point of view of an artist, it’s been difficult to express yourself creatively. However, it could also have had the opposite affect. For the past year and a half, the singer-songwriter has been able to reflect on her musical journey so far. By doing that, she’s been able to dive deep into the next chapter at full force. She is now ready to show everyone what she is made of. “Just A Phase” is only the very beginning!

She continues;

“It feels like a fresh start coming back with new music at this particular point in time. I feel I’ve gained a maturity as a writer and as a woman through what was a trying time globally, and personally too. All I want to do ultimately is entertain. That might sound like a cliché, but pop music should do that – it has the ability to cut through the noise and just transport the listener for 3 minutes. The music I’m writing now feels like me embracing all that I love about pop music and it’s place both in the world, and in my personal history.”

Being shut away hasn’t stopped Aimee making a name for herself. Last June, she featured on, international Grammy nominated DJ, Sonny Alven’s Summer release “Shut Up And Dance.” She’s also stayed active with Irish Women In Harmony from conception in 2020 all the way to their last release of a gorgeous reimagined “Only A Woman” last July. 

Her previous single “Bulletproof” tackled her experience with online bullying and saw a big success. It debuted at Number 3 on iTunes – scoring the highest new entry in the Official Irish Homegrown Chart as well as reaching the singer’s best chart position to date at Number 13. She also released her EP “Confession” last March and found a spot at Number 1 in the iTunes Pop Album Chart while also reaching Number 1 in the overall iTunes Album Chart.

It’s fair to say that this new era is going to be just as successful as the last. She will performing live once again on a string of Irish regional dates in February. Tickets are selling fast so be sure to check that out to avoid disappointment! Tickets and dates can be found below;

Live Dates 

8 Feb ‘22

The Academy Green Room, Dublin


9 Feb ‘22

Roisin Dubh, Galway


10 Feb ‘22

Kasbah Social Club, Limerick


11 Feb ‘22

Winthorp Avenue, Cork


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