Frankisoul Releases New Track ‘Get Down’

Frankisoul has released his brand new single ‘Get Down’. The track is available to listen to Spotify!

Based in Wiltshire, England, Frankisoul has thrilled fans with the new release. Known for his slower melodies and chilled out vibes heard in previous tracks ‘Thing About Me’ and ‘Little Too Late’, he threw himself into the challenge of making an upbeat track.

4 years in the making, ‘Get Down’ is now available to listen to. With a different vibe to previous releases, Frankisoul had many different drafts of lyrics and beats before the final product. One day, he felt inspired and compelled to complete the track, with his thought process starting with the first verse and pre-chorus. The rest fell together perfectly, and is a huge achievement for the artist.

‘Get Down’ is all about reaching the age and mindset that fooling around is no longer fun, and understanding the importance of communication with a new flame. Conversation, getting to know someone and understanding them as a person is at the forefront, without the need to ‘Get Down’.

When discussing the journey of ‘Get Down’, Frankisoul said:

‘It’s hard when you have to be the writer, producer, arranger, engineer, performer all at the same time. It can get draining. But overall I think I’m proud of the result. I’m naturally a very keen person so having the patience to wait for the song to write itself was hard. Sometimes you just wanna force the situation and be done. But creatively you can’t work like that.’

With impressive vocals through out, Frankisoul certainly has the ability to appeal to all listeners and audiences. Once the song was released, he showed followers some behind the scenes production footage, and an exclusive acoustic performance of the track. Both can be seen on his Instagram.

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