Devan Releases Video for ‘Without You’

Credit - Devan & Becca Hamel

Songstress, Devan, has recently released her brand-new single titled “Without You.” The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“Without You” is an easy-going track all about an ex wanting to return back to your life. Devan explains that she was distraught after ending a relationship with someone. Five years later, her music is doing well and he conveniently slides back into her DMs. “Without You” demonstrates those frustrations after an unwanted guest unexpectedly makes an appearance. But it’s also about that empowered feeling you get when you realise that this person no longer serves a purpose in your life. She describes this circumstance with extremely relatable lyrics that are bound to connect to any listener who hears it, and light-hearted instrumentation that makes quite a sensitive topic more fun to listen to.

The single was released alongside a music video which is now available to view via YouTube below;

When talking about the construction when creating the track, Devan explains;

“We used the song’s lyrical themes to guide the production. The first half of the chorus sounds distorted and angry, then the transition into the second half marks that moment of epiphany – the sounds are softer and rounder, the drums are bouncy and dancey, and the lyrics take on a different meaning even though they don’t change.

The combination of the instrumentation and the storytelling within the lyrics, brings the meaning and emotion one feels when they are in a similar situation. It’s one that you can take comfort from and we recommend you give it a listen if you have an ex that still wants to be part of your life when they no longer have a place!

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