Tally Spear Releases New Single ‘Fun House’

Upcoming artist, Tally Spear, has recently dropped her brand-new single titled “Fun House.” The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“Fun House” is an extraordinary track that explores Tally’s struggles she has in terms of anxiety. She expresses these emotions with unique beats, mixed in with relatable lyrics. The bass can be felt deep within your chest, and will send shivers down your spine. Whilst it is talking about a rather sensitive topic, the infectious beats won’t leave your head for some time. When artists open up about their own struggles, it allows the listener to feel those same feelings knowing that they are not alone. This is one of them songs to listen to if you need to seek comfort, but to also jam out to and enjoy.

When talking about “Fun House,” Tally Spear explains;

I wanted to use a metaphor of a ‘house’ to describe the mind, and build this visual concept of being ‘stuck in a fun house.’ Playing on how something that is meant to be positive can easily turn dark and claustrophobic.” 

The track was also accompanied by a music video which can now be viewed via YouTube below;

Tally is a singer-songwriter worth noting. Her self-titled debut album has amassed a massive 150k streams. Her other tracks including  Already Gone and Oddball both found a place Apple Music’s prestigious New Music Daily playlist. Music is not her only passion, however. She was raised a vegan, and remains a keen animal rights activist. She loves sustainable and cruelty-free fashion. Tally is highly creative in many ways, and has been writing poetry and stories since she was a young girl. She started writing her own music at a very young age and taught herself how to play the guitar.

She is currently itching to get back on stage and perform in front of an audience. Later this month, she will be supporting Phantom Isle at London’s Old Blue Last. She will also be heading back to Vegan Camp Out Festival in August, where she has supported the likes of Akala in the past, and The Green Door Store in Brighton on 19th September. “Fun House” is bound to sound exceptional live, so be sure to go check that out!

This is a singer that you don’t want to miss out on. To keep up to date on what Tally Spear is doing, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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