‘Drama Queens’ Podcast Launched By One Tree Hill Cast!

Your three favourite One Tree Hill girls have launched their brand new podcast ‘Drama Queens’, with an inside scope of the famous series. You can now listen to it in Spotify!

For the first time in what feels like forever, Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Lenz and Hilarie Burton are once again in the same room, talking all things ‘One Tree Hill’.

Complete with reminiscing and off-camera gossip, listeners are really getting the chance to understand what it was like back in 2003 for the cast and crew of the popular drama series. So far it has really given an in-site of the experience and pressures of young adults in the acting scene.

Every week, Sophia (Brooke Davies), Bethany (Haley Scott) and Hilarie (Peyton Sawyer), watch an episode and then discuss it on the podcast afterwards. Fans are thrilled to hear their genuine reactions of the storylines and memories from so long ago! There is also talks of star guests with other actors and actresses from the show, which is certainly something to look forward to for future episodes.

‘Drama Queens’ has also helped the girls’ to understand each others’ experiences. Some similar, some extremely different.

One Tree Hill remains one of the most popular drama series’ in American history. It’s popularity was helped with the parents’ of the main characters also having major storylines, increasing the audience to older generations and beyond. This is certainly one of many reasons why it’s set apart from other series’ and is certainly not ‘another teen drama’. The show was cancelled in 2012, with a whopping total of 187 episodes in total.

To be kept in the loop with new information and future episodes, you can follow ‘Drama Queens’ on Instagram.

So, are you enjoying the podcast so far? Do you have a favourite cast you’d like to see create something similar? Let us know over on our Twitter!