Nick Ryan Drops New Single ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’

Singer-songwriter, Nick Ryan, has recently shared his brand-new single titled “Don’t Hold Your Breath.” The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“Don’t Hold your Breath” focusses on letting go of a toxic relationship. The tale is told through edgy lyrics that the listener is bound to found highly relatable. The storytelling showcases the different emotion one feels when going through this ordeal. The track may be about heartbreak, betrayal, and uncertainty, but there is also a sense of hopefulness in it. Being able to walk away and stand true to yourself can be a satisfying outcome to what was a terrible situation. Whilst is focusses on a rather dark topic, the instrumentation is somewhat lighthearted – making it a song that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

When talking about the track, Nick Ryan explains;

“Don’t Hold Your Breath (co-written with Sarah McSweeney) is a song about letting go of a toxic relationship – whether it be love, or in my case, a friendship. It’s a response to people that don’t hold you in a high regard. You’re giving and they are only taking. They emotionally drain you, so if they try to crawl their way back into your life, tell them don’t hold your breath. I was inspired by that catchphrase which was used in a very old Nickelodeon show called ‘My Brother and Me.’ The quote is the only part I remember from that show, as it was only 13 episodes. I have many nods to 90s television throughout my album.”

The track was also accompanied by a music video which is now available to watch via YouTube below;

So, who is Nick Ryan? He is an alternative/pop-rock singer from Nashville. Five years after his debut album “Lone Wolf,” he is returning with his sophomore effort “Nemesis.” During those five years, he has worked alongside Grammy Award winners, former major label band members and music publishers and songwriters across North America and Europe. He has used his time to own his craft and experiment with his ideas. Whilst he may have experienced some errors and disappointments, he is confident that the music that he has created will be loved by many.

Now he has the right vision and the right people who share that same enthusiasm, he is ready to release more music. “Nemesis” is all about taking control and power back for yourself. As you can see from “Don’t Hold Your Breath,” we’re about to hear some powerful tunes.

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