Izza Shares New Single ‘Crying in Silver Lake’

LA based singer-songwriter, Izza, has recently shared with the world her brand-new single titled “Crying in Silver Lake.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

“Crying in Silver Lake” is a gritty pop song with hard-hitting lyrics. In her music, Izza likes to share her personal experiences with the world in hopes that it will resonate with her listeners. This track is no different. The meaning behind the lyrics is all about lying to yourself. How we seem to put a mask on to disguise the pain of past relationships. Instead, when we’re feeling like this, we should just embrace the inevitable tears. The songstress does achieves this with her wonderful vocals on top of a simple, yet catch beat.

When talking about the track, Izza explains;

“Acting like I didn’t need love to be happy was my way of coping with heartbreak. I thought lying to myself would mask the pain of failed relationships, but at some point, I had to accept the tears, no matter how badly I wanted to appear strong.” 

So who is Izza we hear you ask? She’s an extremely talented singer, songwriter, and producer who creates music inspired by her upbringing in California. As a young artist in the music industry, she touches on her experiences of what it is like to be in the industry as a woman. Something that many feel the need to share and rightfully so. Izza explains this further;

“Growing up in LA, I became jaded by Hollywood culture and wanted to create music that explored more of the truths and realities of life rather than the glamorization of people or things. Sometimes I felt as though I was walking in a world where everyone around me was wearing rose-colored glasses except for me. With social media, it is easy to forget that life isn’t always so sparkly and shiny. My songs are about my experiences with heartbreak, friendships, and standing up for myself. As a woman, I would find myself trying to please people or be quiet because it was the ‘polite thing to do.’ Writing songs became my outlet to have a voice and say what I wanted to say. I want my music to be a model for people that you can say whatever you want to say without censoring your thoughts or ideas to please others. Being vulnerable is the most liberating feeling. With my music, I am able to express my true feelings and be my most authentic self.”

By doing this, she is inspiring other young musicians (especially young women), to come forward and do the same. By showing a vulnerable side, Izza is able to use her craft to influence others, even if she doesn’t realise that that is what she is doing.

This is a singer that you need to keep your eye on. For further updates, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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