Pet Shop Boys To Release DVD and CD of Discovery: Live in Rio 1994

Pet Shop Boys have recently announced that they will be releasing a DVD and a double-CD of Discovery: Live in Rio 1994. Both CD and DVD is due to be released on the 30th of April!

In 1994, Pet Shop Boys recorded their Discovery: Live in Rio concert towards the end of their Singapore, Australia and Latin America tour. The show was previously only available to view on VHS. This will be the first time fans will be able to watch the concert from all those years ago on DVD, and listen to the soundtrack on CD.

The set list includes some of the most classic songs by the duo including “West End girls”, “Suburbia”, “Being Boring”, “Go West”, “Rent” and “Always on my mind.” The show was filmed by by Brazilian director Roberto Berliner alongside a TV crew. The pair did what they did best and performed in front of a loving, and enthusiastic audience on their first ever trip to Brazil.

When talking about the tour at the time, Chris Lowe said;

‘We’re more free-spirited on this tour. We party on down. It’s not a totally choreographed, staged and rehearsed show. I suppose it is more rock n roll in its attitude. You get to express yourself. (Laughs). And to take your clothes off’.

Neil Tennant added;

“In the past we were always removed from the audience by theatrical convention. This time we are us onstage.”

Fans will be transported back to the 90s. The DVD will allow the ones that were there to relive that show, others will be able to experience it for the first time. Why not have a party in your living room whilst you’re at it? Pet Shop Boys have some of the most catchiest songs of their time, and they have aged like fine wine. It’s difficult to find someone who has not heard of at least one of their songs.

This incredible CD and DVD will be out on the 30th of April, so be sure to mark that date in you calendars! For more information on what the two are up to today, be sure to follow Pet Shop Boys on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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