Chloe Caroline Releases New Single ‘Ready’

Songstress Chloe Caroline has recently released her brand-new single “Ready.” The track is now available to stream via Spotify!

“Ready” is an incredible single that focusses on self-discovery. Chloe’s aim is to encourage the listener to take that leap of faith and step out of your comfort zone. To not be afraid of the outcome – whatever that might be. The lyrics also help you realise the process of getting to know oneself. Being able to find peace within ourselves. The singer was able to perfectly capture this process in deeply meaningful lyrics, and absolutely stunning vocals.

When talking about the track, Chloe Caroline says;

Someone I highly respected had told me I wasn’t ready for bigger things, when I knew I was. Though I was hustling non stop, I had unintentionally been playing it safe in my comfort zone, caught in the same cycle everyday almost on autopilot because subconsciously I was trying to control everything, holding myself back from making any potentially life changing decisions and pursuing new and bigger shifts in my life.

The single was also released alongside a music video which sees the singer on a beach beautifully bringing the story behind the track to life. You can feel the motivation radiate off of her as she performs every word with such passion. The music video is now available to view via YouTube below;

If you fancy a kickstart motivational track during these dark times, or just want to believe in yourself and need a nudge in the right direction, then take this song as a sign to start discovering yourself and your potential. If you want to start a new project idea, or stuck in a rut and feel ready to start something new, then “Ready” is the song for you.

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