JVKE Shares Wonderful New Single ‘Home’

Pop singer, songwriter, and producer JVKE, has recently released his stunning new single titled “Home.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

“Home” is a simple yet elegant track that has highly addictive guitar melodies. It’s a track that focusses on the comfort and familiarity home brings. The tone of the single reflects this feeling perfectly. It’s an east to listen to song that you will find playing over and over again just to seek that comfort you never knew you needed. It will put you in a relaxed state of mind the moment you press that play button.

When talking about “Home,” JVKE explains;

“Everyone knows the feeling of needing a ‘night in’. I wrote this song from that very place in LA when life was crazy busy. From cozy acoustic guitars, to warm comfy melodies, I tried to make this song feel like home.”

The singers debut track “Upside Down” was released just last year and has already gained humungous success. The upbeat bop has found a place in the top 3 of TikTok’s most used songs with over 15 million videos created and over 7 billion plays! It gradually made it’s way up to number 4 on Spotify’s US Viral and Global Viral charts, and was featured as the soundtrack for TikTok’s global TV commercial.

JVKE has also caught the attention of some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry including  Jason Derulo, South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO and K-pop group Super Junior. He now has a whopping 4 million followers on TikTok! It’s fair to say, that his name is one to remember.

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