Marta Palombo Releases Powerful Single ‘Sketches’

Songstress Marta Palombo has recently dropped her stunning new single titled “Sketches.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify so be sure to go check it out!

“Sketches” is a soft flowing track that will have you instantly captivated. With combination of the enchanting instrumentation, Marta’s beautiful vocals, and the unique storytelling within the lyrics, creates utter perfection. The single gives the listener a glimpse into a defining moment in the singers life – allowing us to see a vulnerable side. Marta found herself re-evaluating where she was in the world and was learning how to start again. Whilst the track revolves around a rather dark period of her, it has been describe in such a wonderful and poetic way.

When talking about the meaning behind the track, Marta Palombo explains;

“I was dealing with the shattering of a lot of expectations —not only was I not nearly as put-together and grown up as I thought I would be at 22, but I was now facing a global pandemic that had taken every important person, event, and aspect of my life and put it on hold. It put me in a very raw, open position, and it felt very much like I was a sketch. I had spent months sketching myself out, and just as I was about to paint in the detail, the life, and the color, I had to stop. At the time, I had no ideawhen I was going to be able to pick back up again. So “Sketches” is a reflection on what my 22 felt like; uncertain, disillusioned, and raw.”

The singer has managed to build a loyal fanbase by creating such lovely music. Her biggest hit to date is an acoustic cover of LP’s 2015 single, “Lost On You.” This was then followed by her debut EP “Revisions” which was released back in 2016. Now, 2021 has arrived and we are expected to hear more of Marta as she starts a new chapter in her music career. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she put her time to good use by recording “The Quarantine Tapes.” “Sketches” is the first track that we have heard from this so far, but if this single is anything to go by, then what’s to come is going to be truly phenomenal.

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