Casey Baer Calls Out Fakeness in Single ‘Hollywood Hills’

LA pop artist Casey Baer has recently released her brand-new single “Hollywood Hills” ft 12am. The track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

“Hollywood Hills” is a fun pop song that focusses on the struggles of the LA life. It’s not as glamorous as it may seem. It’s a topic that hits home for the singer as she has had first hand experience growing up in Southern California. The track follows her highly successful single “Jealous” which was released last year. “Jealous” has amassed over half a million streams and “Hollywood Hills” is likely to reach the same success – if not better!

When talking about the meaning of the track, Casey Baer explains;

“‘Hollywood Hills’ is about the fake life people tend to lead in LA and that everyone is determined to get to the top no matter who they hurt or how they get there. ‘Hollywood Hills have eyes’ means there is always someone watching every move you make. It’s the back and forth of do I just go along with it and play the game ‘aka drinking the Kool-Aid’ or not.”

Alongside the release, Casey and 12am brought the single to life with a music video. The video is now available to watch via Youtube below;

Casey has always used her love for music as an escapism from reality. It has helped overcome a childhood of intense anxiety, before blooming into a confident songstress that inspires others with the storytelling within her lyrics. As an independent artist, Casey has managed to build up a firm and loyal following through TikTok and Instagram whilst also amassing several million streams.

Casey Baer has big plans for 2021, so be sure to follow her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok for updates on what’s to come.

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