Pet Needs Release New Single ‘Tracy Emin’s Bed’

Pet Needs 23.9.18 @ Clacton Pier PROMO by Jonathan Doyle

Pet Needs have recently released their new single “Tracy Emin’s Bed” ahead of their debut album due to be released on the 12th of March! The single is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

“Tracy Emin’s Bed” is a catchy and unique punk song that will leave you craving for a mosh pit. The track would make the perfect live performance and is bound to get you in the mood to feel that wondrous experience of live music once more. For now however, you will just have to blast the insane single out of your speakers, annoy your neighbours, dust off that air guitar, and put on a make-believe performance from the safety of your own home.

When talking about the track, member Johnny Marriott says;

“It came from looking at the nature of art and worth, and comparing this to the mental health and self-image topics in the verses. The whole song is rife with juxtaposition and contradiction.”

“Tracy Emin’s Bed” focusses on the notion of “selling out” The inspiration behind the song came about when Johnny thought he saw a renowned punk from his town walking home with an M&S meal for two. He continues;

“Turns out it wasn’t him, but the first line of this song was already formed: “I saw you walking home with your Marks and Spencer’s bag. I thought that punks went to Iceland. t’s quite a ridiculous line when you take time to think about it!”

Alongside the release, the band also dropped an incredible music video – which you can now watch via Youtube below;

Just like every band, musician, and artist, Pet Needs were forced to spend 2020 off the road. However, they used this time to perfect their long-awaited, debut album they have titled “Fractured Party Music.” The album is bound to be filled a tonne of contagious energy that will help take your mind off the world for a while.

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