Asher Knight Drops New Single ‘Alone’

Today (5th of February), rising star Asher Knight released his brand-new single titled “Alone.” The track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

Asher is aiming for 2021 to be his most exciting year yet when it comes to his music career. The musicianship that you can hear in “Alone” is so on point, it will leave you craving for more. You won’t have to wait too long to hear new material however. Later in the year, the singer is planning on dropping his debut EP – and “Alone” is only just the beginning. “Alone” is a smooth flowing song, that still has it’s catchy moments. You’ll feel highly uplifted after listening to it.

The single was also released alongside a stunning music video which can be found below;

Music is a powerful art. You can listen to your favourite song and feel less lonely. If you’re going through a tough time, finding that one song that describes your situation perfectly is enough to make you feel better. This is what Asher wants you to feel when you listen to his songs. His main goal as a musician is to inspire and have listeners connect to his music on a deeper level. To help them conquer demons that they are facing. Music like this is something we need now more than ever.

When talking about these struggles, Asher Knight says;

“Being loved isn’t always easy, it can be hard and something we run away from when we don’t feel worthy of it. None of us want to be alone but if we open our hearts and allow ourselves to be loved it can empower and encourage us through the toughest of times.  Throughout the recent difficulties with COVID the feeling of loneliness has been a strong force but we have come closer together and shown that love for each other can combat the darkest of times.”

After supporting the likes of The Vamps, Steps, and Boyzone, the singer has spent the past year working hard on new material. This year we will be able to witness the outcome – and this is something to look forward too.

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