Ayra Starr Unveils ‘Away’ Video and Debut EP

Last week, talented songstress Ayra Starr dropped her self-titled EP, and stunning music video for her song “Away.” The EP is now available to on all major streaming platforms! The music video can now be viewed via Youtube below;

Ayra Starr is a new addition to Marvin Records – Africa’s number 1 record label. After signing to the label, the singer was able to drop her magnificent EP. After hearing her Afro-pop, R&B sounds, you will be left craving for more.

“Away” is the EP’s leading single and will immediately have you hooked. It is a song about heartbreak and explores the singers pain in the most beautiful and artistic way. It inspires you to channel those those feelings and transform them into something powerful. Let the track give you strength rather than wallow in your feelings.

When talking about the track, Ayra says;

I freestyled half of ‘Away’ at a time I was feeling down. It was like therapy. Singing the song out loud was like freeing myself from my burden. ‘Away’ is not just a heartbreak song, it’s a song that empowers you to stand up to that thing or person that is causing you sadness.”

The single is the perfect introduction to the rest of the EP. The listening experience that you will take from it will be so satisfying, you wish you could hear it for the first time all over again. These five tracks will have you reaching for the replay button in hope that the you will have that moment again. Her music will allow you to connect with her on a deeper level. The full track listing can be found below this article.

Ayra Starr hopes that her music will bring people together from all cultures – especially young girls who are likely to seek out her music when wanting to find themselves. Ayra is the perfect role model for these girls so we have no doubt in that happening.

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  1. Away
  2. Ija
  3. DITR
  4. Sare
  5. Memories

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