The Masked Singer: Who’s That Behind the Mask?

The Masked Singer - ITV

After a successful series in the UK last year, The Masked Singer is back for another season and we couldn’t be happier. It’s the one show that will excite you every episode, but you will also be equally frustrated.

The premise is simple – a host of different celebrities dressed in the most lavish and detailed costumes you’ll ever see, battle it out by singing with their identity a total secret. Each week, the audience and judges come together and decide who was the least best singer that week. The person is then unmasked.

As well as the voice of each celebrity, there are also a range of clues for the individuals, helping us to guess the game along the way. Here’s the viewers thoughts so far!

Dragon has already had much speculation amongst fans as to who they could be. The most popular guess right now, seems to be Courtney Act. With the muddled accent, dragon sports a pride coloured yummy. Also, with the most recent episode giving us ‘2 lies and a truth’, dragon suggested their mask was the biggest clue… Drag-on? Get it?!

The Masked Singer UK – ITV

Robin seems to have fans thinking they could be Aston Merrygold. They can hold a note and dance to a beat well, there have also been nods to this celebrity participating in Strictly Come Dancing. What do you think?

The Masked Singer UK – ITV

Badger appears as a soft soul, and has admitted to being rather shy especially amongst the ladies. After the judges speculated he could be Alan Titchmarsh, a lot of viewers still aren’t convinced.

The Masked Singer UK – ITV

Sometimes, the range of celebrities will fake their accents or sing differently to how we’re used to hearing them sound. There are also red herring clues amongst their introductions each week, having their viewers think on a completely different path than who is really behind the mask.

You can catch The Masked Singer on ITV every Saturday at 7pm – or you can catch up on ITV Hub!

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