Ed Cosens Releases Music Video for ‘Madeleine’

Sheffield based musician Ed Cosens has recently dropped his music video for single “Madeleine.” The video can now be viewed via Youtube below!;

Ed has been working alongside Flat Cats Films in order to create a short film for his upcoming album “Fortunes Favour.” The film is being released in parts for each single that has been released on the lead up to the album. His previous singles “If“, and “The River” are parts one and two of the story – “Madeleine” being part three.

When talking about the meaning behind “Madeleine,” Ed Cosens says;

“Deep down, you know you’re going to get hurt but desire can be a powerful drug, When mixed with someone who knows they’re in control, it can be potent. The more you come back to taste this heady combination, the more you find yourself pulled under their spell and perhaps, the more you don’t care.”

The singer has also recently announced that the release date for “Fortunes Favour” has been pushed back to the 9th of April 2021. Although this unfortunate circumstance may be disappointing for some, Ed has reassured that more content will be released in the lead up to that time. He says;

“I’m sorry to make you all wait a little longer to hear the record, but with the extra time now until the release it’s given me the opportunity to release more material and a few other lovely surprises. All pre-orders thus far are unaffected of course and appreciating the absurdity of the world at the moment I hope you all understand!”

Ed has been on the music scene for quite some time, but he wanted to drop his debut album when the moment felt right. He has spent his time exploring sounds, understanding his song-writing abilities, and finding the confidence to be able to finally put out a body of work into the world. Whilst it has been a long wait for the artist, it is exciting to see what he has in store for his new album.

This is a singer that you don’t want to miss. “Madeleine” can now be streamed on all major streaming sites. You can also pre-order “Fortunes Favour” here. For more updates, be sure to follow Ed Cosens on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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